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This is a healthier version of Nachos that sneaks some greens past the family. You can make more mountain bread Nachos for future use and store in air tight container for weeks. To bulk this dish into more portions and less calories you can add diced celery to the mixture. For spice lovers add chilli flakes after serving if your family prefers a milder dish.
Serves 6 (317 Calories) Total for recipe: 1901 Calories.
Note: this is based on lean meat however I boil my mince first and drain the fat off also. This will make the calories even lower. It is more likely to be under 300 calories but I have no way of measuring it.

500g Lean mince boiled, rinsed and drained – less than 850 calories
120g diced onion - 32 calories
2 tsp. Minced garlic – 12 calories
1 tsp. Minced jarred coriander – 4 calories
1 x 400g tin lentils (drained) - 272 calories
1 x 800g diced tomatoes - 152 calories

1 teaspoons cumin – 9 calories
1 teaspoons turmeric – 8 calories
2 tablespoons dried mixed Italian herbs – neg calories
200g tub Light Tzatziki Dip (use 30g per serve) – 140 calories (23)
35g grated parmesan – 38 calories
4 thin rice cakes – 120 calories
100g spinach leaves – 30 calories
100g alfalfa and onion sprouts – 30 calories
3 sheets of Rye mountain bread – 204 calories

1.     Cut mountain bread into small pieces and put on baking paper in over on medium oven until crisp. Set aside.
2.     Boil meat in plenty of water until cooked and drain in colander, set aside.
3.     While meat is cooking prepare a bed of rinsed spinach, topped with sprouts along one side of the dinner plate. Everything is divided into 6 servings. Place prepared nachos beside the salad.
4.     In a non-stich frypan, sauté garlic, onion until clear, then add herbs & spices.
5.     Add drained lentils, tin tomatoes and optional spice like chilli if you prefer.
6.     Add boiled mince and cook for 5-10 minutes. Add crushed rice cakes just before dividing mixture and place on top of salad.
7.     Top with parmesan and 40g Tzatziki dip and serve.

At around 300 calories this meal is as pictured: a good size meal.
You won't go hungry on this meal and it is full of nutition!

TIP: Take advantage of baking paper in cooking. No oil is need for the frying or the oven baked nachos. Baking paper is great to use to avoid butter or oil and make sure your nachos are nice and crisp.

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