Sunday, July 24, 2011

CHEESY RYE SNACK - 70-98 Calories per snack

Use sheets of mountain bread or pita bread as savoury snacks with a light dip. Mountain bread is the lightest. 1/2 sheet sprinkled with garlic powder, baked in the oven until crisp on baking paper and no oil will give you a treat at around 70 Calories. I use Rye mountains bread.
  • A light sprinkle of grated parmesan is very tasty. Add 10 grams per ½ sheet for a snack of 98 Calories. 
  • Try a thin layer of tomato paste and herbs for a pizza style chips and low calories. 
  • Hot and spicey: A light spray with water and dust with chilli powder (don't breath it in!)
  •  Use plain nacho chips in this recipe: Mild Spinach Nacho Treat Meal
See how the kids can get in volved HERE

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